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Product Marketing Consulting

The Product Marketing Help You Actually Need​

Effective product marketing strategy aligns and focuses your organizational resources to grow commercial outcomes. We offer tailored services, no cookie cutter advice here, and build out functional strategies that account for your organizational capability and desired outcomes.

Go-to-market Strategy Development

Commercial success depends on building the right product, explained the right way, to the right people, for the right price. We offer complete go-to-market strategy services for companies who need an integrated, step-by-step program for commercialization. Component services may include market definition, solution validation with prospects, messaging and positioning, sales playbooks, collateral, digital content, and release marketing.

Increased Market Share
Streamline customer acquisition
Faster Time-to-Market
Allocate resource better

Product Release Marketing Frameworks

Product release events are used to refresh messaging and positioning, analyst decks, press collateral, and market motions. A well run product team relies on a product marketing release framework that determines the organizational inputs needed to produce an appropriate product release. Wouldn’t you like to have a release framework with costs, timelines, and RACI charts so your team can execute meaningful and efficient product releases? We’ll work with you to sift through the needs, desires, and capabilities, then build out a graduated release framework to align your workflows.

Fix messaging and collateral drift
Improve inbound leads
Grow product KPIs
Find new markets

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a key element of modern marketing strategy. It’s critical to build the right content, released at the right time, and structured for maximal funnel impact. The best content marketing strategies keep an eye on efficiency and provide feedback loops to validate content investment. Our content marketing strategy also places an emphasis on content stacking, that is the ability to publish many types of content from a single concept.

Increase brand awareness
Improve lead quality
Boost website traffic
Enhance customer relationships

Cross-functional Alignment

At times, the alignment between the product team, engineering, sales, marketing, and customer success becomes blurry. What’s needed is an outsiders perspective to understand the needs and capabilities of each team, then provide framing and alignment between teams to foster better working relationships with less waste. Our consultants have “walked in the shoes” of the various roles and are well suited to finding points of agreement, diffusing conflict, discovering opportunities, and growing relationships.

Faster decision-making
Enhanced innovation
Improve communication and collaboration
Increase accountability