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We are software engineering, product development, product marketing, and business consulting.

We Navigate Success.

DataCurl LLC is a boutique consulting practice with a unique mix of expertise; software engineering, product development, product marketing, and business consulting. Based in the heart of the Research Triangle in North Carolina, DataCurl was founded in 2006 by Dan Wilson. As principal partner, Dan directs the consulting practice and manages the development of its multiple products and services. Dan held numerous senior program and development positions in technical consulting, healthcare, online publishing and government contracting before founding DataCurl.

  • Product Marketing

  • Technology

  • Business

  • Early-stage Products

Product Marketing

Audit, research, capability analysis, customer interviews, win/loss, go-to-market design.


New product prototyping, infrastructure analysis, development team realignment, project rescue.


Growth acceleration, process waste reduction, function audit and benchmarking, new market opportunities, early team structure and mentorship.

Early-stage Products

Design, market fit, pricing strategy, ideal customer profiles, niche evaluation.
How It Works?

How We Get Started

Consultation and Goal Definition

Analyze capability and goals. Define success metrics and desired timelines.

Data Analysis and Strategic Planning

Analyze data and activities, measure capability, then collaborate on strategic plan for goal attainment.

Implementation and Monitoring

Implement plan and control functions. Analyze inputs and outputs and fine tune.
Why Choose Us?

A few reasons why our valued customers choose us.

Bringing new technology to market requires a balance of resources, market readiness, awareness campaigns, and optimizes feedback loops. Our focus across technology, product marketing, and business consulting gives us the experience to accelerate growth.

Developing the technology itself can be challenging, especially if it involves cutting-edge or unproven technology. Managing the development process, timelines, and budgets is crucial. Further, rapid advancements in technology can quickly make a product obsolete or require continuous updates and improvements to stay competitive.

Entering a market with established competitors can be challenging. You'll need a solid strategy to differentiate your product and gain a competitive edge. Identifying the right distribution channels and building the right partnerships is key to building repeatable growth programs.

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